Columbia Professional AC Repair Services

In places where the heat is high, a broken AC can make life unbearable. Logic dictates that there are all sorts of different parts and components that go into making an air conditioner function fully. A professional will be able to quickly and effectively figure out the problem and be able to suggest possible solutions.

Many AC repair services can provide same-day service in the event of a breakdown. Homeowners don’t have to suffer through days or weeks without an air conditioner because a skilled expert can fix your unit in no time.

When should you call an AC to repair professional?

Whether an air conditioning unit works less than normal or simply does not turn on, a specialist would know what to look for and get it to function again. If the unit is near its end life and it cannot be repaired anymore, the repair professional can help you in looking for a new unit for your home. Here are a few indications that it’s time to call an expert if you’re having issues and the unit is less than 10 years old.

Low airflow from vents

If you don’t feel much cool air coming from the vents even though your air conditioner is running, there could be a problem with the ducts or with the compressor. You’re paying for the electricity to run the AC, but not getting the benefit of a comfortable home. A professional should be able to get your AC unit running more efficiently in no time.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

It can be quite frustrating to attempt to decrease the temperature throughout your home and learn that some rooms resist change. While it is to be expected that the rooms on the upper floors will have a hotter temperature than those of the ground floor, there is a problem with the unit if the difference is big. Most of the time, it’s going to be an issue with your filters, vents, and/or ductwork.

Notice bad smells or loud noises when the unit is on

If you notice an unpleasant odor emanating from your vents when the unit is running, there could be a problem in there somewhere between the vent and the unit. The most likely cause of bad odors is burnt wiring or mold growing in the ductwork. Both of these things require a call to a professional. Likewise, if you hear scraping or grinding sounds coming out of the unit, this is also an indication that you need to call a technician.

Unit is leaking

If there’s liquid leaking from your AC unit, it could simply be water or could be the toxic refrigerant. Any sign of leakage from your AC unit should prompt you to call in a professional. The most common cause of leaking water is a problem with the condensation tubes, which the technician can easily replace. If the liquid happens to be refrigerant then what will be done is the replacement of compromised refrigerant lines.

The thermostat isn’t working

The problem might even turn out to be the power switch rather than the air conditioner itself. Experts in air conditioning can also test and restore thermostats that simply do not function properly. Thermostat service often involves recalibrating the temperature settings, as well as checking the wiring, to make sure it is communicating well with the AC unit itself.

Energy bills significantly higher

Receiving high energy bills can be a sign that something is wrong with the unit even if everything seems alright. When a bill is much higher than your expectations, keeping all other factors being equal, it might be time to get support from the professional. This unusual spike might indicate that your unit is working harder than it should have to and may require servicing.

How can regular maintenance save you from repair?

As with a vehicle, regular maintenance can help AC units remain functional for as long as possible. Often people make use of their AC units only during a few months that it is needed. Homeowners might not know there is a problem with their AC unit until they turn theirs on when temperatures begin to climb in the summer or notice that it’s having trouble cooling their home on a very hot day.

The units will remain in good shape when it is regularly maintained by a professional. Air conditioning professionals recommend an annual maintenance visit at a minimum. Try to get your unit serviced before the summer begins so it will be operating efficiently throughout the season. This can save you money on energy bills, and it prevents frequent break-downs so you don’t have to pay for the constant repair.